"We Give Because Every Child Deserves A Bright Future!"

About Us

Our Vision

Goals and Objectives

With every aim that we set we understand accountability is essential. We also avail ourselves to industry experts and proven case studies that have been implemented. 

Strategic Planning

We work as a team to create sustainable projects and programs that fulfill a vision of hope. The dream is to break the cycles of poverty and suffering in these communities.

Our Mission

We help young impoverished children impacted by war torn conditions escape poverty through education and regain hope through investing in their communities. 

Results-Driven Approach

Our approach to community development and education is simple. Research, Measure and Evaluate the work to ensure constant and steady improvement.

Great Feedback

We focus on receiving honest and objective feedback about how we are doing and what ways we can improve the quality of effectiveness of all our programs. 

Where We Work

We fund education and community development in Kpalo-Bli, Liberia in West Africa. Our focus is providing services to this region and surrounding villages. 

Local Partners

We have great partners in the field and working on the ground. These strong partnerships are what allow us to make a greater impact in the community.

Powerful Team

We have a diverse team of board and advisors made up of talented individuals with a range of experience and skills that span from education to health and technology.  

How We Work

We invest the money we raise into programs that build sustainable, community owned projects. Our teams help to ensure transparency and objective feedback.

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