"We Give Because Every Child Deserves A Bright Future!"
Clean Water Project

Clean Water Project

6% Donated/$2,800 To Go
Access to clean water in a community improves life dramatically. This is absolutely fundamental to the thriving of any community. We want to...
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Pen Pal Program

100% Donated/$0 To Go
We believe there is no better activity to facilitate intercultural understanding while making new friends then having a pen pal! This will...
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Children’s School Supplies

15% Donated/$1,690 To Go
Make a difference in each child’s life by helping us provide school supplies through this cause. Some of these kids are so...
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Children’s School Book Drive

0% Donated/$1,200 To Go
We believe literacy is a pillar in learning and is absolutely essential to participate in the global economy. Books are what open...
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Community Soccer Team

0% Donated/$3,000 To Go
The galvanizing of the community and the initiative to build a school building and transition from despair to hope started with inspiration!...
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Sustainable Energy Project

0% Donated/$80,000 To Go
Unlocking the clean energy potential for Liberia is the inspiration for this project. Generators and other gas powered forms of energy are commonly...
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Community Health Clinic

13% Donated/$64,730 To Go
Imagine not having access to basic healthcare. Now imagine your child or loved one unable to obtain life-saving medication and basic treatment....
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Children’s Scholarship Fund

0% Donated/$14,000 To Go
This scholarship fund expands educational opportunity by providing scholarships to students from K-6 and beyond throughout their academic pursuits. We want to afford these...
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Children’s Playground

0% Donated/$4,970 To Go
Would you like to ensure that there is a safe, child-friendly environment to play during recess? Remember what it was like going...
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Children’s Library

0% Donated/$15,000 To Go
Imagine a community library for these young children to call their own. A place that brings parents and teachers together in the spirit...
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