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KEDO Speaker Spotlight: Jessica Harrington

KEDO is excited to feature as one of their virtual presenters Jessica Harrington!

We are all dealing with stress everyday, from the mundane to the unprecedented. Which is why I’m grateful to have Jessica Harrington presenting the workshop 5 Habits You Can Start Today to Relieve Stress, available exclusively for KEDO Health Summit ticket holders, in support of building the health clinic in Sinoe County, Liberia. ⁠⁠
Jessica Harrington, MPH is the owner of @journey and a stress management coach and speaker. She helps bring self-awareness into your life. When we create self-awareness, we begin to understand what we need and want in our life. We have the ability to have healthy relationships with others and ourselves. Other benefits include communicating effectively and having better time management.⁠⁠
Donate today to receive video access on April 30th, and you’ll be able to watch and re-watch this and all other Summit presentations at your convenience for 30 days! 100% of the proceeds go towards building the Kpalo-Bli health clinic.⁠⁠
Check out or click the link in profile for more info.






Interested? Then check out KEDO Virtual Health Summit on April 30th 2021 for on-demand access for 30 days!

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