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KEDO Sponsor Spotlight: Adam Ahuja

KEDO is excited to Adam Ahuja as a artist to produce an exclusive track for donors!

We will be integrating everyone’s OWN audio samples – your voice, a sound, or whatever you like – into a custom-made West African-based groove track written by artist Adam Ahuja! The final song will be shared with everyone who gets a ticket for the upcoming KEDO Virtual Health Summit event launching April 30th. Ticket holders will have 30 days of access to interactive presentations and workouts!

NYC-based Adam Ahuja is a jazz/x-genre touring and recording artist, keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist, and pioneer of the neolive-looping style. During performances, Ahuja loops multiple instruments live on the spot: keyboards & key-bass, singing & rhyming, and beatboxing & drums, often loop recording audience members live on stage. Adam is also the founder of the Infinity Gritty label/consultancy and advises on strategy, ideation and creativity.

Interested? Then check out KEDO Virtual Health Summit on April 30th 2021 for on-demand access for 30 days!

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